sbt-ethereum tasks related to addresses, including checking address balances, managing address aliases and configuring the current sender address.


Manage human-friendly aliases for ethereum addresses. See the address alias commands page, or choose a command below:




> ethAddressBalance [optional-address]

Finds the Ether balance of any ethereum address. The address can be formatted as an full hex address, as an sbt-ethereum address alias, or as an ENS address. If no address is provided, the current sender address of the current sbt-ethereum session is queried.


> ethAddressBalance default-sender
> ethAddressBalance 0x465e79b940bc2157e4259ff6b2d92f454497f1e4
> ethAddressBalance stevewaldman.eth
> ethAddressBalance

Example response:

1.25024244606611496 ether (as of the latest incorporated block, address 0x465e79b940bc2157e4259ff6b2d92f454497f1e4)
This corresponds to approximately 195.21 USD (at a rate of 156.135 USD per ETH, retrieved at 10:41 PM from Coinbase)
[success] Total time: 0 s, completed Jan 4, 2019 10:44:46 PM


Manage the current sender associated with your sbt-ethereum sessions. See the sender commands page, or choose a command below: