sbt-ethereum tasks related to the configuration and state of Ethereum and compatible network nodes, via which sbt-ethereum interacts with a blockchain.

Most basically, each sbt-ethereum session must be associated with an EIP-155 Chain ID, which specifies which Ethereum compatible chain the session should interact with.

There must also be a node URL available for that chain ID.

ethNode* commands allow you to configure which Chain ID your session will be associated with, and specify node URLs, scoped to a particular chain ID. You can configure node URLs for all the different chains you interact with, as long as they have unique EIP-155 Chain IDs.

You can also check the availability and state of the currently configured node.



> ethNodeBlockNumberPrint

Contacts the currently configured node URL and checks the current block number.

This is very useful as a “ping”, just to test that a node is available.


> ethNodeBlockNumberPrint
[info] The current blocknumber is 7378747, according to node at ''.
[success] Total time: 1 s, completed Mar 16, 2019 12:43:43 AM


See chain ID commands page, or choose a command below:



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